You Know You Live in a Geek Household When…

…When a simple comment at dinner, “I like to eat my food while it’s still hot,” leads to a discussion on the range of temperatures at which hot food is comfortable to eat, beginning with:  room temperature (75°F), too cold; body temperature (internal or skin? Rick insists there’s a few degrees difference); boiling water (212°F), too hot; yet it’s comfortable to sip in just a few minutes – how many degrees does it drop in those few minutes – a hundred? Fifty? Eighty?

…Which results in digging out the meat thermometer and sticking it in the food still on someone’s dinner plate (not mine since my plate was empty – yes, I am the fast eater around here, stop snickering), to discover the food registered between 85 – 88 degrees. But wait – that’s not enough data because we don’t know the starting temperature, so next time I cook, we need to take the temperature of the food as it’s served…

…seguing into Rick holding the thermometer in his fist to determine his body (skin) temperature, which turned out to be 85.7°, so then I had to check my hand, which was a whopping 96.4, without benefit of a hot flash. So one of us is too cold or too hot, and I guess I’ll have to ask Google which one it is.

If you come over for dinner, be prepared for anything. And always carry a calculator.

Edited to add: This morning’s applesauce registered 128° after I heated it and spread it over my waffles.  It wasn’t too hot eat, but I wouldn’t want to go much higher.

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