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I’ve been Liebstered!

What fun! I’ve been awarded the Liebster Award by Juliet Greenwood. Lucky Juliet lives in Wales and and gets to post gorgeous pictures. She’s the author of “Eden’s Garden,” which comes out in 2012. Thanks Juliet!

Here’s the award:

It’s given to blogs with less than 200 followers.  I certainly qualify for that.  The award helps to foster connections among bloggers. The requirements are to link back to the person who gave you the award (I’ve done that – see above), then nominate five other bloggers for the award. I then post a comment on each blog and let them know they’ve been nominated. All they have to do to accept the award is copy the award image, link back to me, and nominate five others!

We’ll have the whole world covered in no time.

So my nominations are:

Darke Conteur, http://darkeconteur.wordpress.com/. Darke writes paranormal fiction that can make your skin crawl. She blogs about writing, paganism, and gardens. A woman after my own heart.

Patty Jansen, http://pattyjansen.wordpress.com/. Patty is an awesome SF writer who knows how SF should be written. A scientist herself, Patty’s blog includes lots of science topics and facts. She’s so good, that I’m not positive she qualifies for this reward. Do you have more than 200 followers, Patty?

Sue Ann Bowling, http://homecomingbook.wordpress.com/. Another scientist! Sue Ann writes about a cool universe filled with psychic immortals and their human-hybrid children. Her books, Homecoming and Tourist Trap, are set in this universe. Her blog is filled with notes on animals, health, science, technology, writing, and philosophy. Oh, and Alaskan weather!

Anna Scott Graham, http://annascottgraham.blogspot.com/. I started following Anna’s blog in 2009, when we both were semi-finalists in the 2009 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. A fellow Californian, Anna blogs about her adventures in self-publishing, her travels, kids, and baseball. She is the author of The War on Emily Dickenson and Right Turn at Jesus.

Meredith Morgenstern, http://greyskiesnyc.blogspot.com/. Meredith is writing a fantasy novel and blogs about almost anything in a funny, refreshing voice. If you’re not sure what a Juban is, go over and find out.



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