Where to Buy Books

Clicking on the image will take you to my Amazon store, where you can find the book in  both print and Kindle formats.

EBooks are also available at Smashwords, Kobo, and most ebookstore sites.


Marlene Dotterer_TTJ bk1_SHIPBUILDER Final cover small   Marlene Dotterer_TTJ bk2_BRIDGEBUILDERS smallest      Marlene Dotterer_Moon Over Donamorgh vsMarlene Dotterer_Worlds Apart







4 thoughts on “Where to Buy Books”

  1. Mrs. Dotterer, my name is James D. Glenn, I live in Hampton VA and I am a friend of Diane and Reinhard Witiak. I went fishing with you and your husband on your last visit with them. I’m writing because Diane let me use two of your books; Shipbuilder and Bridge builders. On 16 December 2016 at approximately 1:30 AM my house burned down and books that Diane lent me were destroyed. I would like to purchase two (2) of each book in hard copy. I will return one (1) to Diane and keep one (1) for me. If you could sign them that would be appreciated, if not no worries. Please let me know the cost and I can forward by PayPal or Visa.

    Very Respectfully,

    1. Hi James! Rick and I were so sorry to hear about your house. That must have been a terrifying experience. I’m glad everyone is okay, though. Our lives are the only truly irreplaceable things!

      I have lots of books here and I will happily sign and send you two. The books are only available in paperback. Please let us gift you the books. It’s small compensation for all you’ve been through. Just send me your address – you can use the contact page to send me a private email. Or I could send them to Diane and Reinhard to give to you.

      I hope we have a chance for more fishing with you. We caught a lot that day – I think that’s when I caught two at once, so we had good luck!


      1. Marlene thanks for gifting the books! I will turn this tragedy into something positive. My address is James D. Glenn, Sr., 807 Waco Ct., Hampton VA 23669. The P.O. is currently holding our mail until we pick up. Thanks again. Sending positive spirits your way….

  2. Hello, I received books. Took Diane’s books to her house. Thanks a million. Sending positive spirits to you and your family. Thanks again.
    Respectfully, James D. Glenn, Sr.

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