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The Foundation of Gender Inequality

This article is so perfect, you must go read it right now. It's NYT, so if you don't subscribe you might not have access, but I encourage you to try. The title is interesting: "The Men Who Want to Live Forever." But those men (billionaires, of course) are just an excuse for author Dara Horn to zero… Continue reading The Foundation of Gender Inequality

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American Women Die in Childbirth

As a natural childbirth teacher and doula, I know all this already. But this article in Quartz is a credible and accurate summation of the seriousness of America's problem. This post is not intended as a scare tactic for women. I simply want to point out that it's a serious issue that has not been… Continue reading American Women Die in Childbirth

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ACOG Makes New Recommendations

Holy cow. Is it April 1st? No really, tell me if it is, because this is almost TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth. Just to have the new recommendations safely in more than one place, here they are, straight from the document: For a woman who is at term… Continue reading ACOG Makes New Recommendations

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A Guest Post: #Voice for the Voiceless, 1

For this post, I'm starting something different. There is someone I know whose life is a testament to struggle, bad choices, and pain. It is not pretty. It is not easy. But I want to give her a voice. So as often as she can write something, I'm going to post it here. These posts will… Continue reading A Guest Post: #Voice for the Voiceless, 1

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Female Protagonists, Part the Second

Okay, then. I promised a post on this. If you didn't read the linked article from Friday's post, you can go do that now. Or, not. It's not a surprise to anybody that well-rounded, non-stereotypical female characters are mostly absent in the starring role, whether we're talking about books, movies, TV, or whatever. As a… Continue reading Female Protagonists, Part the Second

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Reblog: Despite a Supreme Court victory, it could take years for Texas abortion clinics to reopen

I'm greatly heartened by the Supreme Court decision that firmly tells Texas pols they can't interfere with a basic right. But as this article points out, the situation in Texas won't improve overnight. "Some clinics may never reopen..." So instead... let's do this: Let doctors be doctors. OB/GYNs need to offer abortion as part… Continue reading Reblog: Despite a Supreme Court victory, it could take years for Texas abortion clinics to reopen

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Australian scientists discover new treatment for pre-eclampsia

Here's a bit of hopeful news. Malnutrition can be a cause of pre-eclampsia, and for years, doctors have said they just don't know what causes it, but lately, studies have been focused on the placenta. There's been real progress with this. I hope this treatment works.

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Rant: The Pregnant Village

You've heard the phrase "It takes a village to raise a child." I take that a little further in this post. To start, here's an interesting article about a recent discovery about the microbiome of the womb. Word of warning: The article linked above is a short piece that makes no claims about anything. I'm just going off on a… Continue reading Rant: The Pregnant Village