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Relaxis Report: Meh

I'm sad to say the Relaxis pad is probably not going to work for me. The few early successes I had never translated into dependable use. Most often, the RLS symptoms were not alleviated, and occasionally, they got worse. It worked SOMETIMES, but the not-working times were hard on me. I lost even more sleep… Continue reading Relaxis Report: Meh

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Update on Relaxis

I have a few more days (or nights) of data, some good, some bad. In general, I think the pad is working, but I'm still a long way from having it perfected. One of the exceptional things the Relaxis company does is that a representative stays in touch for the trial period. Carl has called… Continue reading Update on Relaxis

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Cautious Hope

Wow, am I excited. It's here! See? And what, you ask, is that? And are you excited or cautiously hopeful? Make up your mind. You sound a bit put out. Hush now, I'll explain. This... thing... is a Relaxis Pad. FedEx delivered it today, after a day or two of delivery snafus or delays. I was… Continue reading Cautious Hope