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Relaxis Report: Meh

I'm sad to say the Relaxis pad is probably not going to work for me. The few early successes I had never translated into dependable use. Most often, the RLS symptoms were not alleviated, and occasionally, they got worse. It worked SOMETIMES, but the not-working times were hard on me. I lost even more sleep… Continue reading Relaxis Report: Meh

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American Women Die in Childbirth

As a natural childbirth teacher and doula, I know all this already. But this article in Quartz is a credible and accurate summation of the seriousness of America's problem. This post is not intended as a scare tactic for women. I simply want to point out that it's a serious issue that has not been… Continue reading American Women Die in Childbirth

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Update on Relaxis

I have a few more days (or nights) of data, some good, some bad. In general, I think the pad is working, but I'm still a long way from having it perfected. One of the exceptional things the Relaxis company does is that a representative stays in touch for the trial period. Carl has called… Continue reading Update on Relaxis

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Cautious Hope

Wow, am I excited. It's here! See? And what, you ask, is that? And are you excited or cautiously hopeful? Make up your mind. You sound a bit put out. Hush now, I'll explain. This... thing... is a Relaxis Pad. FedEx delivered it today, after a day or two of delivery snafus or delays. I was… Continue reading Cautious Hope

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ACOG Makes New Recommendations

Holy cow. Is it April 1st? No really, tell me if it is, because this is almost TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth. Just to have the new recommendations safely in more than one place, here they are, straight from the document: For a woman who is at term… Continue reading ACOG Makes New Recommendations

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A Cooking Post: Socca

I've found a new food that meets a lot of my criteria for Good Stuff to Eat. Meet Socca, a crepe-like bread from Nice, France. The link I'm sharing is only one version of many on the web, and I'm not making any recommendations one way or another. Have fun and figure out your own… Continue reading A Cooking Post: Socca

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From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

I almost linked this post straight to Facebook. I've been doing that too much lately, bypassing my own blog. It's either lack of sleep or plain laziness. So here's the link to Dr. Nestle's post: http://www.foodpolitics.com/2017/05/what-fruits-and-vegetables-do-americans-eat-more-charts-from-usda/. It's an eye-opener. People, there are far more vegetables than tomatoes, corn, and potatoes. Oranges, apples, and bananas are NOT… Continue reading From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

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Healthcare: How to Get There from Here

This article, We all Want Healthcare to Cost Much Less - But We are Asking the Wrong Questions, by Joe Flower, is just about perfect in its analysis of the problem. I encourage everyone to read it. I have always believed that we need health CARE, as opposed to health INSURANCE. This has led me… Continue reading Healthcare: How to Get There from Here

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Here’s a Good Description of a Workable Food System

Let me repost this blog for your reading pleasure. Chew on this idea: https://medium.com/@cnative100/vegetarian-diets-are-not-going-to-save-the-planet-4f50d0c1f8cf#.r6ef0ib8i I think there's a bit of unnecessary snarkiness in the article, but the idea is exactly right, if you couple it with Pollan's mantra: "Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much." A side benefit of this kind of food system… Continue reading Here’s a Good Description of a Workable Food System