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The Foundation of Gender Inequality

This article is so perfect, you must go read it right now. It's NYT, so if you don't subscribe you might not have access, but I encourage you to try. The title is interesting: "The Men Who Want to Live Forever." But those men (billionaires, of course) are just an excuse for author Dara Horn to zero… Continue reading The Foundation of Gender Inequality

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Net Neutrality or Just Slow. What are the Solutions?

We've had major internet problems for months. We're in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, suburban, but surrounded on all sides by around 500,000 people. We've been Comcast customers for years. Nearly everyday, we either lose internet completely - several times a day - or it's so slow, our routine is to click… Continue reading Net Neutrality or Just Slow. What are the Solutions?

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Where Comes the National Anthem?

Brent Staples writes a perspective in the New York Times that offers information the average American probably doesn't know about our national anthem. Maybe you knew already about "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and its history and reason for existence. I've never heard of it. Most of us know at least a little about "The… Continue reading Where Comes the National Anthem?

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Matter, Mass, Reality. Hope You Like Onions

Here's a link for you: I can't say that I actually understood it all, but it was fun to read. Matter matters, of course, but energy is the heart of the matter. So to speak. Read the comments, too. There are some good observations by people smarter than me.  

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American Women Die in Childbirth

As a natural childbirth teacher and doula, I know all this already. But this article in Quartz is a credible and accurate summation of the seriousness of America's problem. This post is not intended as a scare tactic for women. I simply want to point out that it's a serious issue that has not been… Continue reading American Women Die in Childbirth

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From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

I almost linked this post straight to Facebook. I've been doing that too much lately, bypassing my own blog. It's either lack of sleep or plain laziness. So here's the link to Dr. Nestle's post: It's an eye-opener. People, there are far more vegetables than tomatoes, corn, and potatoes. Oranges, apples, and bananas are NOT… Continue reading From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

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Charles M. Blow: War as Political Weapon

From the NY Times: Like everyone else, I reacted with rage and horror at another chemical attack in Syria. I felt desperate for action - this has got to stop. We need to do something. I still feel that way. Part of me cheers the American attack. The rest of me is deeply suspicious… Continue reading Charles M. Blow: War as Political Weapon

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Baby Food Facts

Here's a summary of a report from The Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at the University of Connecticut. The report's title is Baby Food FACTS: Nutrition and marketing of baby and toddler foods and drinks. It's interesting reading. The takeaway: Babies don't need baby food (especially "toddler drinks"), but most companies are providing nutritious food… Continue reading Baby Food Facts

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Trump, the GOP, and the Fall — Whatever

Original photo by Gage Skidmore, used under Creative Commons license. Click on photo to see original.At this point there is no doubt that Donald Trump is the single worst major party presidential candidate in living memory, almost certainly the worst since the Civil War, and arguably the worst in the history of this nation. He is…… Continue reading Trump, the GOP, and the Fall — Whatever