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From NYT: Why Must We Go About Lives With an Eye on the Nearest Exit?

Two caveats here: I find so many amazing articles in various places, that I am always in danger of this blog turning into an index of sorts. I also tend to use them in place of writing my own words. I will try to do less of this. This article is from the New York… Continue reading From NYT: Why Must We Go About Lives With an Eye on the Nearest Exit?

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Guns and America

In the issue of guns and mass killings in our country, everyone immediately lines up on their side of the argument. In this corner, we have gun control. In that corner we have violent media. In another corner we have mental illness. And over there is the bad parenting crowd. In the middle, we have… Continue reading Guns and America

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The Foundation of Gender Inequality

This article is so perfect, you must go read it right now. It's NYT, so if you don't subscribe you might not have access, but I encourage you to try. The title is interesting: "The Men Who Want to Live Forever." But those men (billionaires, of course) are just an excuse for author Dara Horn to zero… Continue reading The Foundation of Gender Inequality

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Ursula K. Le Guin. Go in Peace.

Ursula K. Le Guin  “The speaking of her name and of her words goes on, and will go on, today and tomorrow and for a very long time now. As it should. She was the mother of so many of us, and you should take time to mourn your mother.” -John Scalzi  Like so many… Continue reading Ursula K. Le Guin. Go in Peace.

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Net Neutrality or Just Slow. What are the Solutions?

We've had major internet problems for months. We're in the middle of the San Francisco Bay Area, suburban, but surrounded on all sides by around 500,000 people. We've been Comcast customers for years. Nearly everyday, we either lose internet completely - several times a day - or it's so slow, our routine is to click… Continue reading Net Neutrality or Just Slow. What are the Solutions?

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Where Comes the National Anthem?

Brent Staples writes a perspective in the New York Times that offers information the average American probably doesn't know about our national anthem. Maybe you knew already about "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and its history and reason for existence. I've never heard of it. Most of us know at least a little about "The… Continue reading Where Comes the National Anthem?

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American Women Die in Childbirth

As a natural childbirth teacher and doula, I know all this already. But this article in Quartz is a credible and accurate summation of the seriousness of America's problem. This post is not intended as a scare tactic for women. I simply want to point out that it's a serious issue that has not been… Continue reading American Women Die in Childbirth

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National Service?

This article in the NYT was interesting. Mind you, I have nothing but derision for Kelly's attitude toward the American people he's supposed to be serving, but he's got the right idea with a national service. I agree. I think we should have a national service in which all Americans, except for the most seriously… Continue reading National Service?

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ACOG Makes New Recommendations

Holy cow. Is it April 1st? No really, tell me if it is, because this is almost TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: Approaches to Limit Intervention During Labor and Birth. Just to have the new recommendations safely in more than one place, here they are, straight from the document: For a woman who is at term… Continue reading ACOG Makes New Recommendations

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Why are Progressive Feminist Groups Banning People?

I found this incident at a lesbian march in Chicago to be very disturbing. If you can't read the article because you don't subscribe to the NYT, the gist is that organizers of a lesbian march kicked out a couple of women who carried flags with a Star of David. Evidently, the purpose of the… Continue reading Why are Progressive Feminist Groups Banning People?