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From NYT: Why Must We Go About Lives With an Eye on the Nearest Exit?

Two caveats here:

  1. I find so many amazing articles in various places, that I am always in danger of this blog turning into an index of sorts. I also tend to use them in place of writing my own words. I will try to do less of this.
  2. This article is from the New York Times and I realize this means many of you will not be able to read it. I am truly sorry about that, for lots of reasons. It’s beyond my control.

There are many take-aways to this deep and thoughtful article. Let mention just one:

Why do the people who vote for expansive “gun rights” panic at the sight of a man, armored and vested to the hilt, wandering the aisles of their grocery store? Why did they call the police? Surely they knew he wasn’t breaking any laws.

This is what they voted for.

1 thought on “From NYT: Why Must We Go About Lives With an Eye on the Nearest Exit?”

  1. People are quick to call for restrictions on “the other.” When Ronald Reagan was governor of California, he was all for gun rights until the Black Panthers began arming black people in Oakland to protect themselves from the police. It was the only time he worked to restrict guns. He was still fine with people who looked like him shooting guns. Even when he himself was shot, and Jim Brady nearly killed, Reagan pushed for the NRA agenda. Would things have been different if he had been shot by someone of color?

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