I Won a Contest!

After all this silence, and it’s New Year’s, it’s time to start with good news. I entered my WIP into a contest called “Scintillating Starts” over at Writer Advice. Just the first few pages to see if the beginning rocks or not.

Evidently it does, because I am one of three winners. Lots of thanks to B. Lynn Goodwin, the owner and editor of Writer Advice. This site is a useful tool for writers. Check it out for advice, classes, and contests.

“So what,” I hear you saying, “is this WIP?” (WIP means “work-in-progress” for the non-writers out there). “You’ve been so quiet, we didn’t even know you were still writing.”

Photo by Marcus Aurelius on Pexels.com


To continue, the WIP is “Verdandi,” a space opera loaded with drum-beat suspense as two groups of humans converge on an unexplored planet. Survivors of a space station disaster take refuge there because it’s the closest planet with breathable air and they can tweak their biology enough to handle the plant life and water. An exploratory team from the Asteroid Ship Rachel Carson also lands, with orders to perform a brief pre-colonization survey – a constant need for the ever-growing human population.

Neither group knows about the other, but a rising number of IIE’s (Inexplicable and Illogical Events) bring them together as they face a terrifying possibility: is the planet itself trying to kill them?

Click to Read Verdandi’s Scintillating Opening

And keep encouraging me to finish it.

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  1. Congratulations! Keep going?

    And thank you for your generous donation and kind words. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me :hugs: someday, we’re getting together!

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