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The Matriarch Perspective

Welcome one and all.

I am a writer. I write science fiction and fantasy novels and sometimes dabble in short stories. So of course, this website is about my writing and about selling my books.

That is true. But it’s not everything.

I’m a lot of things besides just a writer. I’m a woman. A mother (and grandmother and great-grandmother, too). A wife. A progressive American. An atheist. A nurturer.

I’m also a Big Picture person. So while most PR people advise us to focus a website or blog on Just. One. Thing., I learned long ago that I can’t do that. There are too many connections between this and that and that over there. So my website has always focused on several parts of me.

But It’s time to rebrand. I am not the same person I was when I started this blog about ten years ago. Wow, the world has changed since then.

As usual, I am coming at this with a bundle of conflicting emotions, ideas, and peeves. I don’t know what is most important, but one thing stands out for me.

I’ve been waiting all my life for humanity to come its senses. Whether that ever happens or not, my patience is fading.

I want:

  • A world where people are important and money is not.
  • A world where our habitat is important and money is not.
  • A world where humans, bees, oceans, and elephants can prosper.
  • A world where we are honest in our accounting.
  • A world where children learn independence and compassion.
  • A world where everyone understands that freedom only works when people are responsible for themselves and each other.

Right now, you either look like this:

or you look like this:

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Which one are you?