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From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?

I almost linked this post straight to Facebook. I’ve been doing that too much lately, bypassing my own blog.

It’s either lack of sleep or plain laziness.

So here’s the link to Dr. Nestle’s post:

It’s an eye-opener. People, there are far more vegetables than tomatoes, corn, and potatoes. Oranges, apples, and bananas are NOT the only fruit in the world. For your own health… please branch out!

Pet peeve: potatoes should not even be listed as a vegetable, and juice is not fruit. Use potatoes as a healthy starch (they ARE good for you as long as you don’t fry them), and juice is just candy. EAT the fruit!

What do you eat most weeks?
What are your reasons?
Have you ever tried to branch out into the huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables available?
What is NOT available where you live?




1 thought on “From Marion Nestle: What Fruits and Vegetables do Americans Eat?”

  1. I like trying new fruits and vegetables. There’s a Korean grocery store we visit every few months because it’s quite a distance away. We try to hit them when they have their samples out. I can never remember the name of the produce, but if we like we always take some home.

    And then of course, I grew up in a Mexican household so I’m familiar with a lot of native fruits and vegetables you don’t often see here. Ethnic grocery stores are better at stocking these things now. In the old days, they were hard to find.

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