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Pardon My Moment of Despair

I’m awake in the dark night and this time, it’s fear that’s keeping me up. I feel foolish admitting it, but I am sick with worry about our future. The new administration and the extreme politicians that have been given control of our country are wasting no time in implementing their plans to destroy us. We will soon have no good schools for our children, no health care, no way for our daughters to prevent unwanted sex, no way to protect themselves from pregnancy, no way to save themselves when pregnancies go wrong.

Jobs will pay only slave wages, with no protection regarding overwork or unsafe conditions. Our water and air will become dirty and unsafe. Extreme weather, warming and rising oceans, and our newly unregulated industrial pollutants will combine to destroy our societies. Hopelessness will be the spirit of our lives, and we will no longer have a government that represents us, giving us no way to change things.

Most of this will not affect you if you are rich, but “rich” will have to be very rich. Even those of us who are “well off” will not have enough money to live well. Everything – schools, health care, adequate food, public services, government representation –  will be for sale to the highest bidder.

The people doing this are filled with hatred. They blame us for our own struggles and mock us for our despair. They have all the power now, and they want more of both power and money. They will not stop until they have it.

Perhaps I am losing my mind. I am angry and afraid and weak. But I don’t see a way back from this. People think things will be okay, or even better, but they are wrong. The men in power have no care for people, only control. The changes they are implementing will lead to a dark age for this country, and possibly the world.

I know that my despair is not the answer. I don’t plan on just giving up. But I am so afraid.


4 thoughts on “Pardon My Moment of Despair”

  1. I completely get how you feel, and I’m not even American. I frustrates me when I have friends say it’s just that ‘liberals’ hate him and can’t deal with the loss. I’m not a liberal. Our political system here doesn’t work that way or impose worldviews on their supporters. Do Americans honestly believe that the fact so many across the world was alarmed at their support of this man has to do with ‘liberal’ tendencies and the media? How can they overlook his record as a person and the things he’s said and done? And now he’s doing exactly what he said he would. I’m afraid too. When America catches a cold, we all sneeze. I see a future of chaos, division and years where 2008 – 2011 will seem like a good dream in comparison.

    1. Rhonda, I am no longer shocked at what these people believe. They are capable of anything, and I’m talking about the people who voted for him, as well as the people in power. They are proving themselves to be the worst of humanity.

      But don’t make the mistake of thinking the problem is all DT. He’s just the loudest, messiest part of it. No, the men in control of Congress, and the billionaires they will approve for high level government positions, and our vice-president, who is in his own category of despicableness – these are the real and long-term danger. Our checks and balances are supposed to mitigate their worst tendencies, but they have systematically destroyed those. It was our own greedy so-called “liberal” leaders who let them do this and who now sit helplessly on their hands. The baby boomers managed to lose our government and I don’t know if we can build it up again.

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