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Here’s a Good Description of a Workable Food System

Let me repost this blog for your reading pleasure. Chew on this idea:

I think there’s a bit of unnecessary snarkiness in the article, but the idea is exactly right, if you couple it with Pollan’s mantra: “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”

A side benefit of this kind of food system is reduced diabetes, reduced heart disease, reduced obesity, reduced cancer, and reduced other autoimmune disorders. Which means cheaper health care.

How can that be bad?


5 thoughts on “Here’s a Good Description of a Workable Food System”

    1. I love his books, too, and his “Cook!” series on Netflix is a lot of fun and full of information. He’s still enthusiastic about food, but then, I don’t think he gains weight…

  1. I can’t see it taking off, but it would be nice. I’m already a seasonal produce consumer, just because I can’t stand most fruits/veggies when they’re not in season. Most out-of-season fruits and veggies taste terrible.

    1. Amy, I wish more people were picky about the taste of their food. Demand for fresher, better tasting food would go a long way toward fixing the food system. But I think you’re right – it will never really happen.

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