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Blog Forward: Hugh Howey, The Greatest Threat

I want to link to Hugh Howey’s post on economics. The topic is well-thought-out, and the commenters are thoughtful as well. It’s always refreshing to see a comment thread that actually discusses the topic without blustering insults.

We really do need to change our tax system. But the world also needs to move away from this destructive idea of “growth.” We need a system that prioritizes well-being over more… more… more.

2 thoughts on “Blog Forward: Hugh Howey, The Greatest Threat”

  1. “Ignore the psychology of human behavior, and you’ve ignored everything that matters when it comes to the economy.”

    That had to be the most gut wrenching yet profound statement I’ve read regarding anything in a long time. It’s why so many well-meaning policies to create “true equality” fail so miserably.

    1. So many policies are made to meet the criteria acceptable to a specific subset of people. Usually that subset are not the people the policies are for. But we should keep trying and learn to do better.

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