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Engadget: I’m too out of shape for virtual reality

I was nodding along as I read this article. Despite my frequent long walks and 3-day-a-week gym habit, I am in pretty bad shape. My cardio routine is a joke and there’s a good reason for that. I absolutely hate exercise. There is no such thing as a runner’s high for me – it’s never happened and I don’t expect it to. I grouse my way through 90 minutes at the gym, doing the least I can get away with.

Nevertheless, I do love to move. Dance, for instance. Let me jump around to music and I’m happy. I sort of halfway like the rowing machine at the gym. It could just use a VR program to go with it so I have something to look at besides the blue wall 5 feet in front of me.

And wouldn’t that be cool, to have a VR program for the rowing machine? White water rafting, with no way to get wet or fall out of the raft. That’s my style!

So like Sean Buckley over an Engadget, I really want a solid VR experience in my life. It sounds fun – I can pretend I’m Katniss or Arwen or somebody. I would gladly get an hour workout that really works me out for a change. This goes on my birthday wish list, now, please.