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You’ve Been Throwing Away The Best Part Of The Banana

Okay, who knew this and didn’t tell me?

I’ve found a few recipes for stir-fry, Indian-type dishes. Does anyone have other recipes? Except smoothies… not interested in smoothies. If I ever decide to make one, I’ll just throw in the whole banana. Minus the top and bottom stem, of course.

I may start experimenting. Baking whole bananas, perhaps? Banana peel jerky? What would happen if I blended the peel and added it with the softened banana in my waffle batter?

Talk to me!

4 thoughts on “You’ve Been Throwing Away The Best Part Of The Banana”

  1. Banana peels are great for smoothies – Simply add peels to a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes to extract the juices, remove peels, and let cool. You can then add the resulting banana peel juice to smoothies or other drinks for a boost of vitamins and minerals.

  2. The only thing that concerns me is that bananas are treated with lots of gases and chemicals while being stored, and the peel has the highest concentration of that junk. They suggest we peel apples and cucumbers, so I would hesitate before I eat a banana peel…

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