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What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation

Here is good information for Americans. It’s sad we need this, but we need to know how to take care of ourselves. You’ll see the name of this blog “The Art of Manliness.” Guess what? This is something we ALL need to know. Even an old woman like me can jump on a shooter’s back and bite his ear off. Be sure to read the article so you understand when you’d try something like that. Hint: it’s not the first thing you do.

What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation


3 thoughts on “What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation”

  1. Good article, thanks. I firmly believe in having a plan. For years I KNEW if a car was ever coming at me head on I would just pull over to the side of the road. In September 1998 it happened that a van was coming at me about 60 mph. If I had froze I would have been hit head on. I didn’t even think, but just pulled over.

    1. Yes, exactly! I have an idea that making plans about something “preps” the brain for action. It’s not foolproof at all, but by visualizing your actions in any possible scenario, you’re giving yourself a better chance of success. I’ve used this approach in many parts of my life. It’s why I teach childbirth students to visualize the kind of birth they want. Go so far as to write down your plan, which cements it even more firmly into your brain.

  2. Visualizing and role-playing – didn’t we teach our kids how to handle things that way? Good to resurrect a style we already know works. Also, constantly orienting yourself and watching your surroundings is a great way to get story ideas.

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