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Plants In Our Garden: Satureja DouglasII – Yerba Buena

Here’s a culinary herb in the mint family:

Satureja DouglassII - Yerba Buena October 2015
Satureja DouglassII – Yerba Buena
October 2015

Tea seems to be the main purpose of this herb. Alas, I’m not a big tea drinker, although I like iced tea, and mint is just fine in that regard. So I may try this. It’s also good on salads, and my wildcrafting book tells me there are medicinal uses.

We’ll see what I accomplish.

You can see in the picture my attempt at labeling each plant. Nothing fancy, just simple wooden sticks with the common name on one side and the scientific name on the other. This is essential for me – I know my weaknesses, and one of them is recognizing something and remembering its name. If I spend as much time among these plants as I hope to, perhaps I’ll conquer that particular problem. But for now… labels. Everywhere.