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Plants in Our Garden: Epilobium canum, aka California Fuchsia

I promised to show you individual plants in our new garden. Your first lesson is on California Fuchsia, a plant with small green-gray leaves and bright orange, trumpet-shaped flowers.

CA Fuchsia, Epilobium canum
CA Fuchsia, Epilobium canum

I counted around 10 or 12 of this plant in the garden. It’s easy to lose track. Like most of what we have, it’s a baby and is only a few inches high. Wikipedia tells me it will get to about 60 cm, so let’s see… 60 cm divided by 2.54 cm/inch… *mumble*… about 23 inches.

Well, we’ll see.

California Fuchsia blooms in the summer and fall, and attracts hummingbirds. In fact, an alternate name for it is Hummingbird Trumpet. Feeding hummingbirds is it’s primary purpose in life and there are few nobler purposes. We will try to keep our little fuchsias happy and healthy so they can prosper and do their job.

I’ll take pictures later in winter to see how the plant grows and changes with time. Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. Ours outgrew its spot, so we transplanted it to the front where it can spread as it pleases. We’re hoping the hummingbirds forgive us until the plant adjusts.

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