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Hospital Food

Here’s how it should be done. I swear, if I ever end up in the hospital, the first thing I’ll do is send out a call for Real Food. I’ll beg all of you to supply me as much as you can. Because, OMG, have you seen the stuff hospitals feed their patients? And they have the nerve to say your meal plan has been established by a dietician. Really? ‘Cause if that’s what they’re teaching in dietician school, they need to close down. Tasteless, bland, drivel. Not a gram of fiber to be seen. White, white, white. Overcooked, gray vegetables.

Fruit cocktail.

No, it’s not made up by a dietician. It’s done by an accountant for the stockholders. It’s cheap food at the cheapest bid. And you have to eat it or they won’t let you out of the hospital.

We have so far to go in our society. So… Darn… Far…

The American Hospital with an Organic Farm

2 thoughts on “Hospital Food”

  1. Yuck! I can’t remember what I ate the last time I was in the hospital for an extended stay. I was on tubes most of the time–and hallucinating (from pain meds) the rest of the time when they had me on solid food. LOL.

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