In Which the Author Debriefs

What a summer it’s been! We’ve visited two sets of kids’ families, one by air, the other by car. In between visits, I had the flu. Timing is everything, right? We’re home now, for a brief break before we head off to Germany. Can’t finish the year without a trip to Europe!

I love our travels abroad, but of course I like the family visits best. Grandkids are such fun. They’re all getting so big, too. The oldest of this second batch is a fourth grader next year. She’s followed by a couple who are starting first grade, with the rest following in one or two year increments. We keep track using a spreadsheet.

A postcard picture with the San Antonio batch.
A postcard picture with the San Antonio batch.
Washington provides a beautiful backdrop to visits with my son's family.
Washington provides a beautiful backdrop to visits with my son’s family.

And look here! We loaded up on my kids’ invented beverage, S’Quiela. It’s not available in California yet, so our trip north gave us a chance to buy some. I recommend it with a shot (or half) of tequila. Perfect!

Mom buying S'Quiela wherever she can find it.
Mom buying S’Quiela wherever she can find it.

The next immediate mission for me is to lose the three pounds I gained eating ice cream with the grandkids and then keep trying to lose the last ten. Also, Himself and I have returned to the gym and I’ve begun yoga again. We had let all this go with all the family obligations going on over the last year, and we could really feel the difference in our bodies. We have lost strength and energy during this time and we need to get serious about getting it back. At our age, we can’t let any opportunity pass us by!

So that’s the report around here. How are you all liking the Shipbuilder chapters? I’m increasing the frequency of those posts, otherwise we won’t finish the book before next year! Everyone must keep up, okay? If you like the story, run over to Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or iTunes to pick up Bridgebuilders the next book in the Time Travel Journals series. If you like fantasy, give Moon Over Donamorgh or Worlds Apart a try!

While I’m on the subject of books, I received a big challenge from our friend, Bev, during our visit to Washington. She clobbered me over the head (figuratively, of course) about not getting any more books finished. No sympathy from her – I just better get busy and write!

I appreciate the shove, Bev. No more laying about for me!