So It Begins

Destruction, to return to basics:


Clearing out the water-hungry:


And look! No Junipers!


We’ve had one day of work done, with more coming tomorrow. It’s going to take a big effort to the get the grass out of the back yard. We have to soak it, the cover it with cardboard and black tarp. Then wait. One month…. two. We’ll see how it progresses.

I’m nervous about it, but Himself is in mourning. He’s committed to the project, but boy, is it hard for him.

3 thoughts on “So It Begins”

    1. The big answer is because of the drought. Most of our bushes, trees, and all of our grass need large supplies of daily water to live in this climate. So we’re taking out the grass, bushes, and a few of the most struggling trees. We’re replacing them with native and drought-tolerant plants. For me, this is also a big step in honoring the land I’m responsible for. I get to watch a natural ecosystem evolve around me.

  1. My husband has been doing the same thing. He has the back yard almost finished and is starting on the front. I’m thrilled that almost every house in the neighborhood is replacing thirsty landscaping with something more appropriate for the climate.

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