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Huckabee predicts MLK-like resistance to gay marriage ruling | TheHill

A few thoughts about this:

1. “MLK-like” – the civil disobedience of MLK was to end laws and practice of inequality and discrimination. That’s exactly opposite of what Huckabee, et al want to do. Sure, maybe they’re just referring to the civil disobedience part, but it’s disingenuous (deliberately so) to bring the Civil Rights movement into it.

2. There’s nothing in the law that forces any minister anywhere to marry any particular couple. Ministers right now, have the right to say “sorry, no” to any couple for any reason. Reasons may be  “I only marry couples who are members of my church,” “I only marry couples who are of the same religion and promise to bring their children up in said religion,” “I only marry couples who go through our pre-marriage counseling program,” I don’t marry couples if one or both have been divorced,” or even, “I don’t have room in my schedule.” Having a rule to only marry couples of the opposite sex is not any different.

If you’re gay and you want your religion to recognize your right to be gay, that’s something you work out within the religion. The law of America is very clear that the government does not dictate religious creeds.

3. Government employees whose duties involve issuing marriage licenses have no right to pick and choose to whom they issue a license. Doing your job does not interfere with your religious practice in any way. If you belong to a teetotaler religion and you work as a grocery store cashier, you don’t get to refuse to scan the booze. This is’t any different.

4. If the Republicans hate that a few unelected people (SC justices) are “‘making law” and “ruling the country,” then maybe they should stop filing lawsuits. Yes, in this case, they were the defendants, but they’re busy taking point in lots of things. And of course, they only complain when those “few unelected people” rule against them, such as in Obamacare and gay marriage. Citizens United? Hobby Lobby? Those few unelected people are saints.

For the record, I’m not thrilled either, that such important issues basically come down to the vote of one person. That’s not a stable platform in my opinion, and in the long run, it doesn’t really solve anything. We’re still fighting on the abortion front forty years after the ruling. The Repubs won’t give up on Obamacare and gay marriage, and progressives won’t give up trying to turn around Citizens United and Hobby Lobby. Rulings like this just draw a line for the rest of us to dig trenches next to and accelerate the arguments.

Will shots be fired soon?

Huckabee predicts MLK-like resistance to gay marriage ruling | TheHill.