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The Anti-Science Behind Defending GMOs | The Stay-at-Home Feminist Mom

Yes, this.  As much as it pains me to be on the bad side of Neil deGrasse Tyson, I just don’t accept that all (laboratory) genetically modified foods are safe. I don’t think we’ve done enough studies and I don’t trust the studies that have been done. Or at least, I don’t trust the media-blitzed version of the studies. And as Ms. Fokker points out in her article, many non-USA studies have shown that there ARE problems.

I trust scientists within the caveat that they are human and quite fallible. Meaning I don’t trust them completely.

I trust the scientific method. But it has a huge weakness if you depend on it, and only it, for your decisions. The scientific methods has no way to account for the Big Picture. For synergy. When it comes to food – synergy rules the day. Our millions of studies don’t even take it into consideration.

The Anti-Science Behind Defending GMOs | The Stay-at-Home Feminist Mom.