Welcome to the Summerlands, or Everyone Talks About the Weather

I know some of you are dealing with horrendous winter weather at the moment. I wish you good luck and warmth as you deal with it. That said, it’s too bad you don’t live here. We are having a heat wave of sorts, with temps in the high 70s.  Blue, blue skies, occasional wispy clouds, and very happy birds and squirrels. We’re opening windows and kicking off covers around here. It’s gorgeous.

We tend to have warmer weather east of the Berkeley hills, than the rest of the Bay Area experiences (except for South Bay). But we were in Oakland last night and didn’t even need sweaters.  This morning, after our weekly ramble to buy the Sunday papers, I came home sweating.


While I do appreciate the nice days, we really could use a lot more rain. Perhaps a little frost to reduce the bug population. I like warm days but I really like cool weather and rain. Someone’s always complaining, right?

How are you dealing with the weather in your parts?

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