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Where Did I Put the Wine?

In the Happy News Department, my latest blood test reveals a normal, healthy liver! Enzymes are back down where they’re supposed to be, so I guess I can write off the crazy-high numbers of a few months ago as part of the general stress of the time with the complication of massive doses of pain meds for a hurt back.

Where did I put the wine? Bring it on, folks!

Except… I kind of like not drinking every day. I know, I know, but there it is. I may drink when we go out or we’re visiting people, but otherwise… meh.

And I’ve found a really cool “mocktail” that’s perfect for those times I’d really like a martini or something, but want to stay clean. I never thought I’d find anything to substitute because I don’t like sodas or juices. I’m kind of hard to please in that regard. But Jack Monroe, aka, A Girl Called Jack, mentioned something she discovered at a London restaurant. I had to give it a try and by golly, I like it! The latest craze: Vinegar Sodas!

That’s it for the ingredients, too. Soda water and vinegar. I use two teaspoons to about 8 oz sparkling water and ice. Give it a try, with any good vinegar you have hanging around. I’ve been making mine with a sherry vinegar, but I will try out the others in my cabinet: red wine, white wine, champagne, cider… the more exotic the vinegar, the more exotic the drink!

I may start asking for this at restaurants. Pour it in a fancy glass, add a pretty garnish, and I’m fitting right in with the social crowd.

With no complaints from my liver.