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Bidding battles for bug-finders – Contra Costa Times

Bidding battles for bug-finders – Contra Costa Times.

I read a lot of science fiction. Okay, you knew that already, but let me confess here that I don’t enjoy all that I read. For instance, I’m not big on a lot of violence and gore (hello, Peter Hamilton), and I don’t like books filled with despicable characters, but no characters with at least one or two redeeming features. I also don’t fancy stories that show a future with humanity living in poverty, at the mercy of organized crime and corrupt officials. Now, I’m not looking for pie-in-the-sky Disney-esque perfection – honest, I’m not. I do understand about human nature being selfish, lustful, crude, etc., but I also think that it’s funny, compassionate, and cooperative. I think we can build a good future.

Then I read something like this article and I despair. Right now, in our very own present time, the black market gets to set the price for our electronic security. Some (most?) hackers can be bought, and it’s the criminal elements who have the most money.

Being a science fiction geek, I like the idea of a future with computer assistants and galaxy-wide connection. But we may never get there, because the evil, selfish elements in our society will tear down everything we try to build. If we can’t figure out a way to be secure in the “cloud,” we’ll lose it. We’ll be forever separated from each other by distance and time.

I like this amazing new ability to be in contact with hundreds or thousands of people at once. I like knowing what’s happening to people halfway around the world and I like handling the “working part” of life (such as banking, education, shopping, etc.) online.

I’ll be sorry when it’s no longer possible.