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Food Politics » Do artificial sweeteners cause–not cure–glucose intolerance?

This study was fascinating and completely resounded with me. Of course, it would – like Marion Nestle, I try to not eat anything artificial, so foods sweetened artificially never appealed to me.  Dr. Nestle is conservative in her judgement of the study – the human research involved a small sample so “more study is needed.” Which usually means “this result interferes with my ability to make money, so I’m going to insist on more studies until I get one that gives the result I want.”

However, I don’t believe that applies to Dr. Nestle, so I’ll believe her when she says the sample was too small and more study is needed. But I still have the gut feeling that this result is accurate. It makes sense.

It’s also easy to fix. If you use artificial sweeteners, stop using them.

See how easy that was?

Food Politics » Do artificial sweeteners cause–not cure–glucose intolerance?.

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  1. Try googling ant poison. This is what aspartame was originally produced to address, however, there is more cha chink to be gained from the diet industry. Ingestion also causes weight gain, along with a host of medical problems unaquired for the most part by people who avoid this substance.

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