The Most Awesome Present Ever™

I believe I hinted at this in an earlier post, but I just realized I haven’t shown it to you yet. My kids gave me this for my birthday in June:

Memory Jar

I can see what you’re doing. You’re nodding to yourself and muttering, “It’s a jar.  Her kids got her a jar for her birthday and she’s all excited. There’s no accounting for taste.”

Ah, but it’s not just any jar. Not this one. No sir. This is a jar of…


Can you believe that? My genius kids took time out of their busy lives to sit down and write up a year’s worth of Memories of Mom. Then they cut them up into separate pieces, glued them to colorful paper and filled this gorgeous jar with them! Every week for the next year, I get to pick ONE card and read the memory.

I get teary-eyed just thinking about it. Here are a few I’ve already picked out:





You can see the memories will span the years. I never know what I’ll see when I pull a card out. The only thing I’m being careful about is to peek at the name and make sure I get a different child each week.

As I started removing cards, I realized I needed some place to keep them. So I created a scrapbook to hold them all:



Each child has a section with his/her picture and name. I’ll fill up the sections as the year goes by. Here’s the note they gave me with the jar:


I’ll tell you – this gift nearly has me blubbering. There isn’t a luckier mom than me in the whole world!

I love you, my children!









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  1. It is often said that gifts that come from the heart are priceliss. This memory jar from your kids proves that truth ten times over. Enjoy each memory 🙂

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