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Fertility Diet and Eating for Two

These are excellent points about healthy eating for pregnant women. All my childbirth students should take note!

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I was lucky. I didn’t have a problem getting pregnant. My husband has only had to so much as sneeze at me twice and I’ve gotten pregnant (though unfortunately, my first time resulted in a miscarriage – the DNA just decided to be wonky). But unfortunately, for so many women, trying to conceive is not so easy.

My happy, healthy little guy My happy, healthy little guy

Are you thinking about trying to get pregnant? Actively trying to get pregnant? Already pregnant? Nursing a baby? If so, you are hopefully watching what you eat. Your diet makes a HUGE difference in whether or not you will successfully conceive, as well as a HUGE difference in nourishing a pregnancy and a little one. If you’re dreaming of or looking down the barrel of motherhood (ha! That’s really a great comparison, actually), here is a list of foods that should make up the bulk of your diet…

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