Welcome to the Land of the Rich and Famous

This morning, Google Alerts graciously let me know that someone has decided to priate e-copies of Shipbuilder. I did a little sleuthing to discover who owns the site and how to file a DMCA notice. Turns out the domain is owned by an Asian company (fairly obvious from the poor English used to describe the book on their site). These folks aren’t bound by US copyright law, so they probably don’t give a damn about DMCA notices. Which is moot anyway, since I can’t find an email address.

What a lot of bother.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Land of the Rich and Famous”

  1. Hi, Unfortunately it is very difficult to fix that issue if you are talking to Russian webmaster. From your message I understand that you contacted only website owner and not their hosting company.

    I suggest you to go to whois service, find their hosting contact information and send DMCA takedown noctice to the hosting company directly. I’m sure that must help. Some time ago I had a similar issue with one Nigerian domain. Also below I attached my tutorial where you can find more detail information.


  2. Marlene, send the site a review panning the book and declaring that it is not worth listing. Or be smug that somebody thought it was good enough to pirate.


  3. I understand how outraged you must feel. My outrage would be tempered by the elation that somebody thought my work was worth stealing.


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