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Luggage has made an appearance around here, waiting to be filled. We’re starting another adventure. This month marks the second anniversary of the Titanic Memorial Cruise in 2012, which marked the hundredth anniversary of the sinking. Long-time friends of this blog know I was on that cruise and that it was a rare and wonderful experience.
2012 TMC 4 030 Marlene and Rikke TMC

We shared that experience with many amazing people, and we’ve kept in touch, thank you, Facebook. The cruise was one part solemnity and two parts fun. So much fun in fact, that we’re getting together again, this time  on land. We’ll converge on  Belfast, Ireland to partake of all the amazing Titanic sites in and around the same, raise a few pints, dance to Irish music, gambol around the Giants Causeway, and clamber across a rope bridge.

For starters.

Having thus taken care of one half of my heritage, Himself and I then make our way to Italy, to pay homage to the other half. We’ve never been to Italy, so we are pretty excited.

I’ll post pictures when I can!

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  1. Have a great fun filled trip and keep us posted! Wish I could be there 🙂

      1. Marlene, I am having DNA testing done from and 23andme. I want to resolve once and for all whether the family legend of a Scotch-Irish ancestry is accurate. I also want to find out where my German ancestors came from and if I really do have a Cherokee princess somewhere in the family tree. Well, Indian ancestry, anyway. That also is a family legend.

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