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Public Service Announcement: My Two Cents

How about if the American people invest in ourselves? Use our tax dollars to put all the unemployed to work, with real wages so they can support their families, pay for health insurance, and have paid time off for sickness or vacation. These people can then pay taxes, buy food, clothes, cars, etc., and put the money back into their communities. Our original investment gives us repaired infrastructure, clean cities, safe streets, adequate public transportation, and only the hard cases (elderly poor, disabled, etc.)  still on welfare or food stamps.

The employed population creates more jobs as they have the energy and time to get further education and start new businesses to meet the needs of their communities.

We need to get serious about solving our problems as a nation – together. We need to demand that Congress act in our interests and release our tax money to serve us. We need a proactive program of ACTION that hits the problem head-on and puts people to work.