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Kids and Kitchens

Today was busy and fun, with a bonus visit from our two San Diego grandkids. Never turn down a chance to babysit, especially when the parents fly 400 miles to drop the kids off.

Okay, maybe they had other reasons to fly up here, but that’s beside the point. The grandkids, Grandpa, and I did much playing with Legos, Lincoln Logs, and balls of various sizes. The cuties are on their way back home now. Hopefully, we’ll see them again this summer.


Before the kids came though, I had a chance to play with my new kitchen toy, and yes! I have pictures. Actually, my first attempt was the other day. I made some vegetable broth and canned that, but I was so nervous about it I forgot to take pictures.

So yesterday when I cooked and canned garbanzo beans, I made extra sure to get photographic evidence. I love garbanzo beans and they can be used in so many things. They’re great roasted with olive oil, salt, and cumin. And there’s always humus, or you can throw them in Indian food or on salads. Or my personal favorite – faux chocolate chip cookie dough!

I soaked the beans, then let them simmer for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, I heated the jars in the big pressure cooker – just the pot. No pressure.


Once the beans were ready, I lined the jars on the counter and filled them with beans and liquid.


Watching the pressure gauge is the tricky part. It gets up to the correct pressure well enough, but you have to keep it at the correct pressure for the specified time. In this case, that was 11 psi for 75 minutes. When it gets to the right pressure, you have to lower the heat or the pressure will keep climbing. But if the pressure gets too low, you have to bring it back up to the right psi, then start the time over. 

That last part is the pits, but it’s very important. Nasty bacteria will grow if you cheat.


My stove is electric and not very conducive to minute changes, but I was able to keep the psi between 11 and 12. I figure it’s okay if the pressure is a bit more than called for. Anyway, I now have garbanzo beans ready for anything! And vegetable broth too, of course.


Also at the moment, I’m slow-cooking a batch of oatmeal for my week’s breakfasts. It’s cooked in some milk with cinnamon and vanilla. I’ll add honey and pumpkin, too.

Decadent. This is what being a hedonist is all about.

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  1. You’ve inspired me! I have a very old pressure cooker that I haven’t used in years. I’ll need to check the pressure gauge to make sure it’s still working. This may be the year I try pressure canning again.

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