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I Got a New Toy!





It’s a pressure canner (I know you were wondering). I’ve done a bit of boiling water canning, mostly making pickles or chutney or jam. Most people make lots of jam, but we don’t really eat it around here. I like my sugar in pies or donuts…, not on my toast. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try canning soup, meats, and veggies, but they have to be done under pressure to kill bacteria in low acid foods. It’s taken me about twenty years to get around to actually buying the canner. But now that it’s here, get ready.

I don’t a specific plan for what to do first. I need some chicken broth, so maybe that. But tomorrow morning, my CSA box should be on the porch. Maybe I can put up a batch of vegetables. Oh, and I want to make some spaghetti sauce. It would be awesome to have a few jars of that available.  Usually, I make all this stuff and have it in baggies in the freezer, which is always full, disorganized, and very cold when I have to dig around in it looking for something.

Jars will be easier.  And I’ll have a nice stash of food in case of earthquake.





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