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Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For | Politics News | Rolling Stone

The link below is to an article by Jesse A. Myerson, in Rolling Stone. The argument is another go-round of communism vs. capitalism, which has been done, and done some more. I think it’s a mistake to assume capitalism is entirely bad, but it’s not handed down by divinity, either. Communism fits the same pot. Good points and bad points.

Maybe it’s time to try  a compromise. For instance, I have a gut feeling that every human being born deserves to have a few feet of ground to call his own. I don’t have a number in mind, just the idea that no one should be homeless for any reason. We shouldn’t have to pay for a place to sleep.

In the same vein, I like Myerson’s idea of a guaranteed job for everyone, and that those jobs should all pay a living wage. There’s no lack of necessary things to get done. It’s ridiculous that people starve and freeze because they don’t have a job, or the job they do have doesn’t pay enough to live on. However, I don’t buy Myerson’s idea that everyone need only work at something they love to do. Some of the most necessary jobs are unpleasant tasks, and not all of them are done by robots. Maybe someday, but not yet.  I do agree with Myerson about telemarketers. There isn’t a single one of those jobs that needs to be done. Let them all do something else!

Anyway, read the article and state your case here. For it, against it, or somewhere in between? Or someplace else entirely?

Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For | Politics News | Rolling Stone.