Other Writers: Jordan Bernal

The other day, I told you about a new book from one of my critique partners. Now, the author herself is here to talk to you, about her inspiration, her hopes, and her new dragon series. Jordan, you have the floor!

Jordan Bernal: Dragon Writer and Dragonrider

I was born on the wrong planet. No, I’m not talking about the Mars vs. Venus debate, not even a planet in the Milky Way. I’m referring to the third planet in the Sagittarian Sector, a planet known as Pern. That’s right. As sure as I’m breathing Earth’s air, I was meant to be a dragonrider; to hop from one foot to the other on the hot, hatching ground sands on Impression Day, to feel Pern’s cool air beneath my dragon’s wings, to tell the stories of dragons and dragonriders.

So clear and descriptive was Anne McCaffrey in her Dragonriders of Pern series that when I read, I was transported “between” to the body, mind, and soul of her characters.

When the nugget of an idea about writing a novel for adult fantasy readers bloomed in my mind, I wanted to sit between the neck ridges on the back of a dragon, winging my way through the skies. Since I couldn’t do that on Pern, I wondered where dragons and magic could thrive here on Earth?

My desire to write also coincided with an intense craving to learn more of my own heritage. I discovered I have roots from both sides of my family anchored in the Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland. The answer of where I might set my novel was answered, sort of. The only question was Ireland or Scotland? Then I thought, why settle for just one? If I could write one novel, surely I could write a series and have my dragons and their riders travel betwixt and between the British Isles.

I began researching Ireland and Scotland. To be honest, I started with Ireland and just fell in love. I was fascinated with the contrasts between the Republic and Northern Ireland, between the cities and the rural countryside, between the coastline of the Irish Sea in the east, the Celtic Sea to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean in the rugged west. And so it began.

My first novel, The Keepers of Éire took over four years to research, write, rewrite, and finally publish. The ideas for the plot and characters flowed, yet I needed to learn how to write fiction. My background as a technical writer helped me keep organized, but I required more—the ability to blend telling the story with showing the characters’ viewpoint, their emotions, and their personal story journey.

To be accurate, even though the novel is fantasy, I traveled to Ireland for two weeks in 2011. I visited most places where my characters had major incidents happening. I met so many wonderful people; I incorporated several of their traits into characteristics of my characters. Now that the first novel is completed, I’m working on the second, and I look forward to revisiting Ireland.

For in Ireland, I truly feel as though I am coming home to the place where I belong. Not only am I a dragonrider, but also a dragon writer.

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Jordan Bernal grew up in San Jose, CA. She spent most of her career in the high-tech industry as a product coordinator/technical writer and earned her bachelor of science degree in business entrepreneurship.

Her enduring love of fantasy, especially dragons, inspired her to write her debut novel, The Keeper of Éire. She currently serves as vice-president of California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch.

Jordan lives in the Tri-Valley region of Northern California. She enjoys reading, photography, and spending time with Roarke, her Pomeranian. For more information on Jordan’s current projects, visit http://www.jordanbernal.com.