Announcing: Jordan Bernal and The Keepers of Eire

I’ve been remiss in oh-so-many-things these days and here is an attempt to take care of one of the most important. One of my crit partners, Jordan Bernal, has just released her first book. I want you to know about it, yes precious, I certainly do.

Do you like dragons? Ireland? Murder mysteries? Then feast your eyes on this:


For centuries dragons have protected Ireland, their existence kept secret with the help of earth magic and their human riders. Now that secret is threatened with the bodies of four riders found at sacred Irish sites.

Christian Riley, a man with secrets of his own, is haunted by vivid dreams of each slaying. As each dream intensifies, he fears he is the killer.

An American searching for her Irish roots, Devan Fraser, stumbles into the mystery of the murders while exploring the secrets behind her inherited heirloom dragon ring.

Christian’s only memento from the mother who gave him up for adoption is a dragon pendant that matches Devan’s ring. Together they discover their destinies, the truth of dragons, and the depths of honor and loyalty to which people will go to protect the ones they love.

The Keepers of Éire can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and requested in bookstores worldwide.


JB Jordan Bernal grew up in San Jose, CA. She spent most of her career in the high-tech industry as a product coordinator/technical writer and earned her bachelor of science degree in business entrepreneurship.

Her enduring love of fantasy, especially dragons, inspired her to write her debut novel, The Keeper of Éire. She currently serves as vice-president of California Writers Club Tri-Valley Branch.

Jordan lives in the Tri-Valley region of Northern California. She enjoys reading, photography, and spending time with Roarke, her Pomeranian. For more information on Jordan’s current projects, visit http://www.jordanbernal.com.


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