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Why Birth is a Feminist Issue |

Why Birth is a Feminist Issue |

This writer has hit all the important points, including one that I feel very strongly about:

“Why is the culture of childbirth saturated in fear? Why not trust women to make their own informed choices about their bodies and their babies?

The answer lies in the rise of private property and the division of society into classes many millennia ago. The ruling class needed to exterminate what remained of matrilineal kinship society and subjugate its respected leaders: women. So it invented patriarchy.”

and this:

“Few groups connect the dots of women’s right to make decisions in pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, the right to safe abortion and the right to direct the course of their lives. Radical Women sees this connection as vital for the feminist movement and its capacity to win equality and justice for all women, mothers or not. After all, at its essence, feminism is about women’s liberation—and setting everyone free.”