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It’s Time! Welcome Yule Party

The party is on! Leave a post and tell us about your holiday activities. Talk to each other. Give us links, recipes, and pictures. You can do it here on the blog, or over at the event on Facebook. Here’s the link for that:

I’ll start.

I grew up celebrating Christmas and we still do, although we’ve dropped the religious significance. But it’s the Big Holiday in these parts, so we join in. So many of the Christmas rituals are taken from ancient Pagan practices, and I feel perfectly fine practicing them. The decorated tree, a Yule log, presents and decorations in the house, and the general singing and merriment are all things humans have done for centuries, to brighten up the long winter darkness. I love the cold weather and the smell of evergreens. I’m not a snow person, but I like it in pictures with lights and red ribbons on the fireplace mantel.

The best part for me is always the family. Not all the kids can make it every year, but that’s okay. We all do our best. I love my house to be crowded and loud and cheerful, with everyone catching up, and little kids running around all excited and trying to handle ornaments from the tree. And of course the food. But that’s a separate post.