Travelogue Barcelona

I’m having a heck of a time uploading pictures. I’ve begun this post about six times – maybe tonight will be the charm. We are in Barcelona, and I am loving this city. It’s huge and crowded and busy, but not in a New York kind of way. That’s probably based on my misperception of New York, which kind of scares me. Probably based on lots of TV shows. Anyway, Barcelona streets are always filled with people scrambling to their various destinations and always talking, and in general looking and sounding pretty happy. There are lots of people on scooters, a few on bicycles and the occasional skate board. The streets in our area are dotted nearly every block with sidewalk cafes serving tapas with beer or wine, and pastry shops loaded with decadent sweets or sandwiches. And coffee. Everywhere, there is coffee. There are also lots of fountains. I like fountains.

I thought I would show you, a la John Scalzi, the view from our apartment window:
mpressed? No? Oh well, we don’t spend much time here. That’s a parking garage across the very narrow street. And look what’s below us most days:

There’s construction going on next door. This truck is about two feet from my face when open the door to leave the building. I’m going to miss that truck when we leave. The rest of the street looks like this: 1025130952a

It’s kind of cute. We are one block from a main street, which takes us to a metro station in about ten minutes. Often we walk all the way to where we are going – Rick brought his fitbit, which is giving us all kinds of high fives and smiley faces because of the miles we are putting on it everyday. Ow, my feet, but my clothes keep getting looser!

This is all I’m going to attempt today. I’ve got about a thousand pictures and I can’t figure out which ones to show you! Tomorrow we hit Montserrat, a monastery and museum about an hour’s train ride from town. We’re meeting up with a few people who are going to be on our upcoming cruise. It should be a fun day!




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