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Wearing All My Hats

What a week it’s been. No time for dramatics, just jump in and get it done. Highlights:

I am now a dual member of two (2!) branches of the California Writers Club. This was done so that I could participate in Tri-Valley’s new Social Media Group. It’s sort of like a critique group, but we help each other with the marketing/media side of things. Our first meeting was Monday, and I haven’t had a chance to do anything yet, like look at fellow members’ websites or follow them on Facebook or anything. Perhaps tomorrow. Maybe I can even get started today.

The other branch I belong to is Mt. Diablo. I’ve been with them for a few years and I am now the new Membership Chair. We’ll see if I can do half as well as the last person!


Some of my fellow media mavens. The only person I know is Jordan Bernal, but “Hi!” to everybody! I’m sure we’ll get to know each other!

Yesterday, Rick and I took a tour of our water district. Why would we do that, you ask? Lots of reasons: I like to know where things come from or where they go, it gave us a day out of the house to do something different, and to see parts of the valley that I never get to.

I was especially curious because of the canal. The canal is many miles long and has a lovely walking trail alongside most of it. You can walk from end of the valley to the other, through at least four cities. We’ve been walking it for years, and I always wondered where the water went. And where it came from.

Now I know. They get the water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. It’s either pumped to a large reservoir (Los Vaqueros) or it’s pumped into the canal, where it wanders along those miles to treatment plants or other, smaller reservoirs. The water in the canal is untreated.

windy  pipes

This is me at the treatment plant. It was a really windy day! The other picture is at an intake station near Discovery Bay. Those pipes are so cool!

What really prompted the tour was research for a book. For years, I’ve had an idea for a children’s picture book about the canal and the canal trail. I figured I’d best get the thing written before my grandkids are too old to enjoy it. I’m already writing it, but I can’t draw at all! I’ll have to find an illustrator. That should be interesting.

The rest of the week was devoted to my childbirth class. We’re doing two classes a week for a while, and I had to write up an entire new game for Tuesday’s class. That took ALL DAY on Tuesday and I didn’t even finish it. Had to wing it in class! But they were good sports about it.

Giddy Autumn Moment: I made my first batch of applesauce for the winter. I look forward to this all year, so this morning’s breakfast was extra special. Fresh, organic apples, simmered all night in a slow cooker, then mashed and mixed with lots of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg. That’s it – no sugar, no juice, not even water. The apples produce plenty of their own juice! I leave the skins on the apples and use my nifty immersion blender to break it all up. The sauce is thick, rich, and so good!