The Fun Never Stops

What a vacation I just had! So much energy used! I barely had time to check email and send the occasional picture to Facebook. I spent most of my time doing this:


Yeah, I can see you don’t think I used that much energy. Little Hannah only weighs about 8 pounds, after all. Well, I also did some of this:

IMG_5043    IMG_5146    IMG_5154   IMG_5202

and of course, this:

Marlene with pizza

We also met with old friends and colleagues: Amy Raby for drinks at Wild Ginger; a day of touring northernmost Washington along with a lovely picnic lunch with Rick’s “once removed” (whatever that means) family members, Dick and Bev, a laugh-intensive dinner in Portland with Rick’s old friend Carey and her amazing daughter, Ann-Marie, and bitter-sweet reminiscing with even older friends, George and Brenda, in Eugene.

IMG_5172  IMG_5168

With Carey and Ann Marie


I rest my case. Along with my feet. I’m tired just looking at the pictures.

This, folks, is what life is about. Love, laughter, and sharing. May it never end.







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  1. Glad you had a great time. I can certainly understand why you held onto that beautiful little girl as much as you could!

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