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Induced Labor Linked to Raised Risk of Autism, Study Suggests – WebMD

Induced Labor Linked to Raised Risk of Autism, Study Suggests – WebMD.

The researchers and others quoted in this article are falling all over themselves to remind us that sometimes induction or augmentation of labor is necessary, “even if there’s an increased risk of autism.”

Of course, they aren’t the ones raising the autistic child.

But that’s a snarky comment, and I take it back. Sort of.

What mothers and fathers need to understand, is that MOST pregnancies do not need labor to be induced or augmented. Another thing parents need to understand, is that in America today, MOST labors are induced or augmented.

Do you see the dichotomy in those two sentences? Please?

Today, the standard of care for a pregnant woman is to augment her labor, meaning she receives pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) to make her contractions come faster and harder. In the majority of these cases, there is no medical reason to give pitocin. None.


It’s just procedure. Because it makes the doctor’s and nurse’s jobs easier.

And it is just possible that all that augmentation is one of the reasons behind our autism epidemic.

It is ALWAYS true that if mother or baby are in a state of distress, then medical intervention may be needed. But people need to understand that MOST mothers and babies are not in distress and are not in any danger, and do not need ANY medical intervention. Even many cases of distress can be handled without drugs or surgery. Medical intervention should be used only in medically necessary situations.

Labor is a normal physical condition.

Say that again.

Labor is a normal physical condition.

It is no more weird or dangerous than running a marathon. Running a marathon is not a medical condition. Neither is labor.

We must stop acting as if it is. We are hurting our children with our current practices.