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Tuesday Ramblings for a Post

This post begins aimlessly. Consider yourself warned.

I am taking a break from yard work, and writing a post sounded like a good excuse to give myself a few extra minutes. Today’s chore consists of crawling around on my hands and knees, with the aid of a knee pad, to pick up the thousands of cherry-plums that are covering the ground under the tree. It’s essential to get these up, as they STAIN horribly, and one mistake of not removing my shoes before coming inside will permanently ruin the carpet.

I do not like carpet. This is one reason. I also do not like the cherry-plums because they are too massively tart to eat in any form. I’ve tried all kinds of things – jam, chutney, plum sauce, wine… it takes about three pounds of sugar to one pound of plums to make them even slightly palatable. That is not worth it, far as I’m concerned. The trees are of the “ornamental” variety, put down by landscapers who just use the latest cheap and available plant.

I don’t mind the mess of a fruit tree. But it needs to be a fruit I can eat. In fact, it would be nice to have one of those, but we don’t have room for any more trees.

Wow. Here I am, in bad mood, and dumping on you innocent folks. Sorry about that.

It hasn’t been all bad. It’s a lovely day, weather-wise, sunny and warm, but cooler than usual. A little breezy. Oh, and we went to see Wolverine this morning. Hugh Jackman is always a bright spot in any day. Good movie. I get tired of all the fight scenes, but eventually I just close my eyes and rest until the current silliness is over and we get back to the story. If one likes science fiction/fantasy/action films, one must, evidently, have to sit through lots of fight scenes with improbable moves and loud music and sound effects. It is just the way the world is. No use moaning about it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to sit through the credits. There’s an epilogue that shows up after a few minutes. I hadn’t heard anything about that and almost missed it. Actually, it’s a prologue kind of epilogue – setting up the next adventure.

Good to see Patrick Stewart again.

How is Tuesday shaping up for all of you? Or Wednesday, for all the Aussies?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Ramblings for a Post”

  1. Is there any way you can pull those trees out and put in useful trees? It’d be worth the investment if you plan to stay there for a while.

    The tree sounds like trouble waiting to happen. 🙂

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