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Vacation, Books, and Work-in-Progress

My vacation continues to wreck havoc with anything approaching a writing schedule. I’m in a B-I-C, just-pound-the-keyboard phase, where when I DO manage to open a manuscript, I must write utter BS, just to get something onto the page. My mind has essentially shut down.

I’m thrilled with the response to Worlds Apart. All my books are selling more these days, which may have more to do with lowering prices for a couple of summer sales, than anything else. W.A. is selling briskly, so thank you to all who’ve snatched it up! I’m hoping for more reviews, if any of you have a chance. And please tell your friends about it. Somewhere, there are all those thousands of people who buy a particular book over at Smashwords or Amazon or Kobo. Make sure they know about Worlds Apart!

In the meantime, I am having fun on this trip. The grandkids are so much fun. I can’t believe the energy they have. Trying to keep up with them reminds me of how old I am. Keeps me from complacency, I guess. We’ve been doing some hiking, in the midday, July, Arizona sun. How crazy is that? Fortunately, it’s monsoon season, so we get some cloud cover and even the occasional spat of rain. I’ve put in 7 miles in the last two days!

Marlene Sierra Vista









Yesterday we had a close encounter. We think it was a chameleon. It was about 8 inches long. Kept its eye on me the whole time I was passing by.

Chameleon on SV hike

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