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On Abortion: A Pagan Ethical Response

This is a topic I often want to discuss, but when I start to write about it, I get bogged down in the details. Perhaps I need to break it down into short topics. I think Gus diZerega writes a superb post here, and he pretty much expresses my views on the topic. I agree with some of the commenters, who point out that some of his thoughts, especially regarding death, need more fleshing out. But I think he has the gist of it done very well.

The article is titled a “pagan ethical response,” and I feel compelled to point out that my views are based more on humanist and matriarchal rights that anything overtly pagan. Yet our views mesh nicely.

Let me know what you think. I’m open to further discussion and I want to write a post or two myself, but my time is too limited at the moment.

On Abortion: A Pagan Ethical Response.