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The State of Things as They Stand: A Debriefing

1. Weight loss. Going well, thank you. I know that fasting two days a week sounds extreme. But the missing calories only amount to 1500 – 2000 calories a week. That’s about enough to lose half a pound. Even that is not a steady loss, though. I find I drop a pound, then waver for a week or so at a pound or two above the lowest weight. Then it goes back down to the lowest point and proceeds to drop again. Rinse and repeat. It might be more consistent than it looks, but our scale is ancient and it does not provide fractions of a pound.The good news is that I’ve officially gotten below 130, meaning I’m at 128 and hope my fluctuations don’t go above 130 anymore. And that the downward trend continues.

Special occasions continue to interfere, but I refuse to not eat when I’m at a celebration. I have two graduations to attend in the next week, plus a grandchild’s birthday. We’ll be in Sacramento, then in Oceanside, so there will be family dinners. And then it’s MY birthday, on the heels of Father’s Day, wherein we’ve promised ourselves some serious ice cream. I’m going to bow to the diet by not making my German Chocolate Cake. I would make it if I was having a party with lots of people to help me eat it, but that’s not on the agenda. I suppose I could be persuaded to change my mind…

2. Writing/publishing. Yes, I’ve been working. Honest! Worlds Apart is nearing publication status. I have a tricky bit of revising to do, which I simply have no idea how to accomplish. I can see the reasoning for it, but no way of getting there. Yes, I tried pounding my head against the desk. It didn’t help.

Give me until the end of June. I think you’ll be able to buy this book by early July.

In the meantime, work on other books has come to a halt. I’m still thinking about them though.

3. The garden. We have a few veggies! Lots of little green tomatoes and some green beans. I’m pulling the beans off as they get big enough, and I’m watering/feeding the tomatoes, but hopefully not too much. I remain skeptical that they’ll actually ripen, but I’m willing to be surprised. You can see how scrawny the bush is. Can you see the little tomatoes? These are little pear-shaped ones. The other bush is my bean plant. I’m sure it’s supposed to be bigger and bushier, but I’m pleased with it.

picture004  picture005


That’s about it for around here. I know that some of you are experiencing extreme weather. I hope everyone stays safe!

What’s up for your weekend?

3 thoughts on “The State of Things as They Stand: A Debriefing”

  1. Sigh, I need to buy more tomato plants. Frost got mine this past Sunday night. It’s just been so cold here. We’re running 15 degrees below our average high.
    Make your German Chocolate Cake. Cut into portions and freeze 🙂

    1. Oh I know all about portions and freezing. The problem is, I have no willpower. And I do have a microwave. I can have a piece of cake defrosted in one minute. Mind you, I might go ahead and make the cake. Perhaps I can cut the recipe in half so there’s not quite so much.

      It’s amazing about your weather. We live in a mild climate, but I can’t imagine frost at this time of year!

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