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The Weekend

From this:


to this


in a single day. Life will be nothing but busy for the next few months.

Baycon commenced with a brief and touching wedding vow  renewal during the Meet the Guests party on the first night. The Fan Guests of Honor met at a con twenty years ago and thought it would be fun to choose this venue to renew their vows. I wasn’t close enough to get a picture, but I wasn’t the only person with tears in her eyes. Congratulations, Chris and Jon O’Halloran!

It took my fellow dealers and I (neophytes all) a bit of time to set up our table in the dealer room, but we’re up and running, with lots of good books to sell. If you’re at Baycon please stop by to chat, and hopefully, buy our books! We’re next to that famous writers group from LA. You can’t miss us.

With all the running around yesterday, we only got to one panel. Rick went to a talk on irreproducible results, which is always good for a laugh. I went to a talk on women in science fiction. Also always good for a laugh, because otherwise, you’d just cry. It’s still quite abysmal in my opinion.

I’m dropping by the dealer room this morning to help get things started, then I’ll hop off to more panels. Should be a fun day!

Just for fun, here’s an adorable picture of my grandson with his mom: